Mike Taking Experimental Data
CTS has a wealth of experience with experimentation on full systems, system components, and fundamental research.

The range of expertise with full refrigeration systems spans from breadboard constructions to complete units. Certain projects have even covered the full spectrum from the laboratory to the application (frequently vehicle), where system optimization made on a mobile AC breadboard system was implemented and compared to the performance of the real vehicle. Residential split systems, military unitary systems, and commercial cassette systems have also been explored in a wide variety of configurations to evaluate the application of laboratory test data to the design process.

Individual system components have also been examined for the purpose of analysis, design, and optimization. Distribution in heat exchangers, their headers, efficiency and design of various flow separators, destructive and nondestructive testing and acoustic profiles from compressors, acoustic issues in heat exchangers and expansion devices, as well as visualization of flow through novel expansion devices and compressor discharge are some of the subjects of investigations that have been performed. Studies of numerous alternative refrigerants have also been made, both natural and man-made refrigerants, as well as precise measurement of leakage rates of various refrigerants.

CTS is always looking to further the frontier of fundamental research as it applies to the thermal systems industry. Studies of pressure drop, heat transfer, and fluid mixture properties, two-phase fluid flows including those related to sub-millimeter length scales are among them.