Machine Shop and Metal Fabrication

Machine Shop Front
Machine Shop Side

An important element of the research performed at CTS are the in-house available instrument making, machining, and metalworking capabilities that enable us to quickly respond to the needs of our clients. Manufacturing in-house our own experimental designs and making any necessary modifications to existing components and equipment reduces both time and cost and also allows for a quick realization of the creative approaches we take. CTS personnel were trained and worked at the University of Illinois - probably one of the best incubators in the country. CTS boasts a well-equipped machine shop, including a Hardinge lathe, CNC and manual Bridgeport milling machines, a Marvel band saw, and many other machines. The metal shop has a TIG welder capable of AC/DC and stick welding, a MIG welder for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Also available are an oxyacetylene cutting torch and a plasma cutting torch with a half inch nominal capacity. A wood shop and an electrical/electronic shop are fully equipped to provide all of the necessary services to the laboratory. In addition, we have pressure testing capabilities to verify the safe construction of the components that we build.