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Technical approach and the strategy as well as the design, analysis, and measurement methods implemented at CTS have been used and honed over the past decades of researchers and educators within the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The engineering staff has been seasoned by research, design, and close cooperation with industrial needs. Our engineers hold degrees and advanced degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines, predominately mechanical. The engineers at CTS have experience in design and analysis of systems and components, fundamental research in two-phase flow, pressure drop, heat transfer, mixture properties, material properties, cryogenics, and performance maximization of full systems.

The technical support staff provides a strong backbone of experience, including Instrument Maker-rated machining abilities, food-grade and G6 welding abilities, HVAC and Mobile HVAC Technician certifications, OSHA training, Hazmat certification, and decades of combined electrical, mechanical, and entrepreneurial experience.